Some Kind Words From A Client

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Magma. I cannot say enough good things about them as professionals who delivered a quality product with a personal style. While a local, family business they operate with a perfect balance of big company professionalism and small business nimbleness.

 Our project scope changed and grew several times and they were always willing to discuss our new “greatest idea”, offer candid advice on how it would/would not work, might delay the project and/or increase costs. There were never any surprises, and with the exception of some unexpected weather delays, they delivered everything on time or early.

 My favorite part of the Magma team is that they approached the project from a professional standpoint with an eye of building with a “built to last” mentality...Neils’ stone work is extraordinary; it is truly a work of art. Watching him lay the stones one by one and ensuring that they fit every nook and cranny was like watching a master painter at work (and sort of fun to see if he could really find the proper stone for the proper fit). And Samantha’s passion for plants and flowers shone through at every stage; we had some tough conversations about removing trees that to a novice were just trees and to Samantha so much more, but in the end, we preserved the centuries of growth, created proper shade and have a beautifully natural looking space.